Glidden's Island Seafood - Nantucket, MA

Nantucket Crab Cakes

Nantucket Stuffed Clams

Prepared Foods

David's Bouillabaisse -- our own version of the classic Marseille fishermen's stew.

Quahog Chowder -- homemade in our kitchen with hand shucked quahogs and fresh minced clams, simply add milk or cream.

Crabmeat Cakes -- made here with blue claw lump crabmeat.

Lobster Salad -- prepared fresh in season, we also make lobster rolls.

Lobster Meat Cakes -- homemade, similiar to a crabcake, but more exquisite!

Stuffed Quahogs -- made here with freshly shucked quahogs, some folks make a special trip to the store to pick them up!

Smoked Blue Fish Pate -- a traditional treat, from native smoked bluefish.

Seafood Sausages NEW -- all natural made with scallops, shrimp, cod and salmon. Just brown in a skillet.

Wakakame Seaweed Salad -- the traditional accompiment to sushi.

Lobster Clambakes to Go: I.25 – 1.33 lb.  Lobster, drawn butter, steamer clams, mussels, potatoes, corn, butter, clam broth and a bib. [larger sizes available]

Lobster Dinners to Go: 1.25 lb.- 1.33lb. Lobster butter, potatoes, corn and a bib. [larger sizes available]

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