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Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna
Fresh Nantucket Lobster
Nantucket Bay Scallops
Native Nantucket Sea Scallops

Fresh Seafood

Native “Day Boat” Summer Flounder -- very fancy fluke fillets, hand cut in the store, sushi quality.

Codfish -- “market size” coming from the hook and line fleet off Chatham.

Nantucket Bluefish -- the very freshest, caught by our charter boat from half day trips off Great Point, excellent for broiling and well flavored.

Nantucket Sea Bass -- trapped by a local Nantucket fisherman. Smaller than striper with the same white flesh and meaty flavor.

Nantucket Wild Striped Bass -- firm, very meaty flesh, only available during July and August.

Atlantic Salmon -- reared from the vast pristine waters of the Bay of Fundy high in Omega-3’s.

Wild King Salmon -- natural, organic, hooked in Alaska, dark red, firm, less oil than Atlantic with more salmon flavor available only mid-May to October.

Wild Pacific Halibut -- caught by hook and line fleet off Alaska, firm, white, excellent to bake au gratin.

Swordfish -- the traditional grill favorite, we can cut to order. The best quality is July to October.

Red Snapper -- imported FRESH every Tuesday and Friday year round, add some Cajun seasoning for an extra zing!

Yellowfin Tuna -- our sashimi quality, a beet red color, arrives daily in season. Be sure to use the day you buy for best color.

Live and Cooked Lobsters
We have all sizes of fresh lobster, 1.25lb. to 6lbs and up!
Call ahead to order cooked lobsters 508-228-0912 or 508.228.0913
Freshly picked 


All of our shellfish comes from state certified waters. We will gladly shuck any shellfish, with a little notice.

Nantucket Oysters -- aquafarmed to perfection, a little more of a briny taste, never any duds.

Littlenecks -- cultured on the Cape, small but sweet.

Cherrystones -- just a little bigger, with more clam flavor.

Quahogs -- large hard shell clams used for chowder, clam sauce or to make stuffed quahogs.

Mussels -- small, cultivated on P.E.I. cleaned of beard and grit.

Steamer Clams -- soft shell clams, arrives from the Cape or Maine.

Minced Clams -- offshore surf clams, washed, chopped and ready to go.

Nantucket Bay Scallops -- our famous, very sweet, available fresh from November to March. The tastiest scallop you can buy!

Native Sea Scallops -- harvested from the North Atlantic caught by day boats offshore with a mild flavor.

Shrimp -- We are currently carrying wild American shrimp, superior flavor than farmed. Available in medium and jumbo. Peeled and deveined shrimp. Cooked shrimp.

Soft shell Crabs -- available fresh from May to Sept.

Alaskan King Crab Legs -- succulent, from the Bering Sea.

Nantucket Lobster Tails
Nantucket "Wild" Striped Bass
Nantucket Cherry Stone Clams
Nantucket Oysters & Clams
Red Snapper
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